Welcome to our Modl Medical Centres

That’s how it works:

  1. Fill in registration form completely. Save generated personal QR code on your mobile phone or print it.
  2. Visit one of our test centres. Appointments are not requested!
  3. Contactless payment on site (EC or credit card).
  4. Take a mouth/throat swab.
  5. will be sent via e-mail after 15 minutes.

    Any questions – please check our FAQs .

NEGATIVE - no infection was detected on the day of testing. This result is a snapshot and valid for 8-12 hours.

POSITIVE - please immediately go into domestic quarantine, inform your GP or the medical on-call service on 116117. Your test result must be checked promptly by a PCR test.

INVALID - in rare cases a test is invalid and must be repeated. Please contact previous centre team.

Please note that - even in the case of a NEGATIVE result - it is mandatory to comply with the hygiene regulations of the respective federal states or domestic country.